Victory Cigars offers the finest hand made custom label cigars available today. As a part owner of one of the top factories in the Dominican Republic, we are able to offer you premium private label cigars using only the finest tobacco available. Each beautiful Spanish Cedar box contains 25 premium cigars featuring the logo and/or design of your choice. From the novice to the aficionado, our cigars are sure to please everyone.

Type Size Per Box Retail Price Your Price
Corona Medium Filler 5.50 x 42 25 $100.00 $90.00 ($3.20/cigar)
Corona Gorda Medium Filler 6.50 x 46 25 $110.00 $95.00 ($3.40/cigar)
Robusto Medium Filler 5.00 x 50 25 $135.00 $105.00 ($3.80/cigar)
Virgin Islands Rum Flavored 5.50 x 42 25 $145.00 $110.00 ($4.00/cigar)
Creamy Vanilla Flavored 5.50 x 42 25 $145.00 $110.00 ($4.00/cigar)
Corona Long Filler 5.50 x 42 25 $190.00 $129.75 ($4.79/cigar)
Corona Gorda Long Filler 6.50 x 46 25 $210.00 $134.75 ($5.19/cigar)
Robusto Long Filler 5.00 x 50 25 $220.00 $139.75 ($4.99/cigar)
Churchill Long Filler 7.50 x 50 25 $260.00 $149.75 ($5.59/cigar)
Vintage Box Pressed Maduro:
Lonsdale 6.00 x 44 20 $270.00 $165.00 ($7.75/cigar)
Robusto 5.00 x 50 20 $285.00 $175.00 ($8.25/cigar)
Figurado 4.00 x 50 20 $300.00 $175.00 ($8.25/cigar)
Churchill 7.00 x 50 20 $310.00 $180.00 ($8.50/cigar)
Torpedo 7.00 x 52 20 $335.00 $190.00 ($9.00/cigar)

Order Our Cigars Online or By Phone

Fill out our convenient online order form and we’ll create your custom labels, package your cigars and deliver them to your door. Or give us a call at 1-800-434-3994 to place an order over the phone.

Making Our Cigars

All our private label cigars are a blend of Cubano Piloto in both Lijero and Seco as well as Olor Dominicano used as the trippa, or filler. The capote, or binder, on a Victory Cigar is Dominicana except for our Churchill, which incorporates a Cuban Seed binder. Finally, our cappa, or wrapper, is the finest-grade Sumatra available. This wrapper is quite oily and Cameroon looking.

We believe all the components used in the construction of the Victory Cigar to be the finest available on the market today. We take pride in the fact that all our tobacco is properly aged and cured. All of our cigars spend 60 to 90 days on the shelf in the factory in Tamboril before being packed and shipped to our customers.

The aftertaste is creamy and spicy and doesn’t fade too quickly. It’s a bit dry, yet sweet to the palate, and the aroma lets you know that you are truly enjoying a premium cigar. The complex smell of this wonderfully medium bodied cigar will leave you with a truly memorable experience.

Free Cutter with Every Order!

You will receive a free two finger cutter with a 400 Series stainless steel double beveled blade. It cuts like the most expensive cutters available and fits up to a 54 ring size cigar.

Thanks for your help. The cigars arrived today and the labels look really great. I appreciate your efforts.

Nina Dunn

Just wanted to let you know I received the cigars today. They look really great!!! Thanks for all your help with this. Again, I appreciated your help

Judy Britt

I really appreciate you guys doing such a good job. The cigars are great and the artwork is beautiful.

Stephen Shaffer


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