Looking the perfect corporate gift or promotional item?

Look no further! A premium custom label cigar is the perfect way to thank your clients, promote your company, and make a lasting impression. Personalized with your corporate logo, event, or promotion, our premium cigars are a wonderful promotional item or gift, sure to be appreciated by everyone who receives them. After all, why give away or sell a branded cigar that essentially promotes someone else, when you can achieve the promotion and/or recognition you desire with a custom label cigar?

Make the right impression!

You’ve worked hard to get your company the recognition it deserves, so why would you settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your promotional items? Our premium cigars are made using the finest components avaiLabel on the market today and are guaranteed to please everyone from the novice to the cigar aficionado. In addition, our personalized cigar bands are high quality, full color and custom designed for you by our professional graphic design staff.

Don't Sacrifice Quality!

Many companies offer cigars for corporate gifts, promotions, golf tournaments, etc. Unfortunately, these cigars are usually low quality and, if they even offer personalized cigar bands, they are usually only 2-color and most often they just look cheap. As stated before, all of our cigars are premium quality and we will work with you to design a custom full color cigar band just for you!

Our professional graphic design staff will design a personalized cigar band that represents you and your company. We can include your corporate logo, event name, custom text and graphics, etc. You tell us what you want and we’ll design it for you. Best of all, we give you options:

  • Choose one of our sample designs and we’ll customize it for you.
  • Design your custom cigar band from scratch.

Remember...you never get a second chance to make a good first impression!

Free Cutter with Every Order!

You will receive a free two finger cutter with a 400 Series stainless steel double beveled blade. It cuts like the most expensive cutters available and fits up to a 54 ring size cigar.

Band with Morris Packaging Logo


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